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Cabinet size is the only feature the ProAc Response D38R has in common with its predecessor, the highly regarded Response 3.8. Internally, everything has been changed to produce a dynamic new level of performance with vastly increased efficiency and sensitivity whilst retaining all the virtues of the earlier model. Good quality valve or Class A transistor amplifiers with an output as low as 10 watts will produce fine results from these exciting new loudspeakers.

The cabinets themselves, handcrafted and finished in real wood veneers, are extremely rigid and well damped to minimise colouration. Reconfigured internally with a new porting system similar to that used on the flagship D100 model, loading for the bass drivers is now provided through a large port which pressurises the air between the cabinet and the plinth, releasing the air through side vents. This method of coupling makes room placement less critical.

A new generation of extremely sensitive drive units has been introduced which includes two new polypropolene coated bass/midrange units built by one of the UK's leading studio manufacturers.

There are however some enthusiasts who have preferences for different designs of tweeter to cover high frequencies. The ribbon tweeter (light as a human hair) is one of the most popular; these tweeters offer an alternative to dome tweeters.

The D38R also comes with a crossover upgrade to match the new ribbon. The end result is the D38R giving the same performance in the bass and midrange of the D38 but with the benefit of a ribbon tweeter.
  • Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Recommended Amplifiers: 10 to 250 watts
  • Frequency Response: 20hz to 30Khz
  • Sensitivity: 91db linear for 1 watt at 1 metre
  • Bass/ Midrange Driver: 61/2" (165 mm) ProAc unit with coated polypropylene cone on die-cast chassis.
  • Tweeter: ProAc ribbon 60 mm x 10 mm, light as a human hair, with rear chamber damping.
  • Crossover: HQC crossover using dedicated components wired throughout with ProAc multistrand oxygen-free copper cable. Split for optional bi-wiring/bi-amping.
  • Dimensions: 49" (1244 mm) high on plinths with conical feet, 91/4" (235 mm) wide, 131/2" (343 mm) deep
  • Weight: 88 lb (40 kg)
  • Mode: Floorstanding
  • Grille: Acoustically transparent crimplene
  • Finish: Available in the following real wood veneers: Black Ash, Maple, Mahogany, Cherry, Ebony, Bird's Eye Maple and Burr Oak.
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