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ATC Loudspeakers SCM19 (pair)
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The ATC SCM19 are a full size monitor offerings ATCs patented Super Linear (SL) drive units.
ProAc Response D18
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Further improvements have been made again with the cabinet, bass driver and crossover network.. The cabinet on the ProAc D18 is very heavily damped with a new material; it is also now side vented as other high-end models in the ProAc range.. A new high tech bass driver is similar to the D2, it however has a larger EXCEL magnet assembly and an... View more
ProAc Response D1
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For many years the Response 1SC has been one of the world's leading mini monitors but now the ProAc Response D1 has stolen its crown. High tech improvements have been made to the cabinet, bass driver, and crossover network.. The cabinet baffle is slimmer to aid dispersion, and now has a special damping material making the cabinet very heavy... View more
ProAc Carbon Pro8
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The ProAc Carbon Pro 8 has an awesome power and uncarry realism! Loudspeaker companies have toyed with the use of carbon fibre in loudspeakers, mainly for the use in cabinets. Carbon fibre coned drive units are rarely seen and used, we believe the type of carbon fibre and its preparation that we are using is unique.. For the past year ProAc has... View more
ProAc Response ER-One Active Sub
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For ProAc, the development of a sub-woofer has only recently become a priority. In our opinion early designs blurred detail and imagery in stereo systems. We felt that it was only with the advent of the more compact active sub-woofers with their own electronics and filters that matching capability and sound quality were improved, but we still did... View more
ATC Loudspeakers SCA2
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The SCA2 is an extremely high resolution preamplifier designed to partner ATC active, and, with an appropriate power amplifier, passive loudspeaker systems. It incorporates eight line-level stereo inputs, two stereo signal outputs and two stereo record outputs. Two of the line inputs are balanced format on XLR sockets while the... View more
Cambridge Audio Azur 651R
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Cambridge Audio Azur 651R is a 7.1 Audiophile A/V Receiver. The 651R is designed to deliver stunning, pin-sharp stereo music from your main front speakers. The 651R features a range of quality components that fit with Cambridge Audio's principle of designing for 'Sound First.' This includes toroidal transformers for a high purity,... View more
Cambridge Audio Azur 551R V2
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Cambridge Audio Azur 551R V2 is a 7.1 HDMI 1.4b A/V Receiver. It as Dual core Cirrus Logic 32bits DSP Dolby. 110Watts RMS - 6ohms. AV receivers deliver features and effects processing, but amplification and sound quality is often an afterthought. This is because manufacturers prefer to concentrate on cramming the latest 'flavour of the... View more
ATC Loudspeakers CDA2
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ATC's CDA2, is the culmination of 6 years of development, it hand crafted in the UK to the exacting specification ATC is renowned for. It is both a DAC and CD player. The ATC CDA2 is more than CD player, it is a desirable centerpiece for any descerning and avid audiophile.. Featuring a top quality 24bit/192kHz capable DAC with 2 SPDF coax and... View more
Cambridge Audio Azur 851E
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The Cambridge Azur Audio 851E is a Flagship Preamplifier. A range of inputs and a solid state volume control make the 851E the perfect pre-amp partner for the Cambridge 851W. The pre-amp stage is all about minimal colouration. Take the source signal and pass it onto the power amp stage with as little interference as possible. That's exactly what... View more
Cambridge Audio Azur 851D
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The Cambridge Audio Azur 851D is a Upsampling DAC and Digital Pre-amplifier. It delivers exceptional quality audio. Digital music now comes from a multitude of sources, but your PC's sound card is an afterthought. Pass the same file through the 851D's twin DACs in dual differential mode and its 2nd generation Adaptive Time Filtering process and... View more
Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6 V2
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The Cambridge Stream Magic 6 V2 improves on its predecessor using a brand new and far more powerful streaming module giving you much faster access to the digital music. IMPROVEMENTS ON THE ORIGINAL. Thanks to the new processor architecture, the Stream Magic 6 V2 is more than four times more powerful than the Stream Magic 6 original and over twice... View more
Cambridge Audio Azur 751R V2
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The Cambridge Azur 751R V2 Receiver features HDMI 1.4 which allows for 4K pass through for even crisper visuals. ATF2 audio upsampling technology can do 24bit/192kHz. SOUND FIRST DESIGN. At Cambridge Audio, our number one rule is that sound quality always comes first. With this in mind, we always ensure our AV receivers deliver the same audio... View more
ATC Loudspeakers SPA2-150 Power Amp
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The ATC Loudspeaker SPA2-150 is a high quality power amplifier designed to partner ATC passive monitors and other loudspeaker systems. It is capable of output power considerably in excess of specification and incorporate the same gain reduction and loudspeaker protection circuits as ATC's active monitors. This ensures that even... View more
ATC Loudspeakers SCM40A (pair)
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ATC Loudspeakers SCM40A offer unparalleled precision, these three-way floor standing monitors deliver an articulate and controlled sound for the most discerning listener. The ATC SCM40A floor Standing Speakers are a full range 3-way Floor Standing ATC design. Using world renowned ATC 75mm midrange driver unit, the ATM SCM 40A's ability to... View more
ProAc Response D Monitor Center
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Following the successful release of the ProAc Response D range we have designed and built a new high end studio monitor The new Response D Monitor is a radical new design delivering greater bandwidth, higher sensitivity with dynamic, yet smooth and open performance, and are available with dome or ribbon tweeters. . At the hub of the new Response D... View more
Denon DN-500AV
Free shipping in Canada. Conditions
AV Surround Preamplifier. Faithfully reproducing the high-quality audio of today's HD content is essential in any professional AV installation, and adapting unbalanced RCA preamp outputs from ill-purposed consumer decoders is completely unacceptable. The new Denon Professional DN-500AV pre-amplifier provides contractors, consultants, and system... View more
ATC Loudspeakers CA2
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The CA2 preamplifier is designed as the front end for ATC active speakers, and with an appropriate power amplifier, passive loudspeaker systems. The ATC CA2 preamp features 4 line-level stereo inputs, a high sensitivity phono amplifier input, and a tape monitor input on RCA phono sockets, one stereo record output, a main stereo output and a sub... View more
Denon DN-501C
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CD/Media Player. Answering the need for a compact player with professional features, the new 1U DN-501C offers versatile playback options from CD and USB storage in addition to iDevice connectivity, making it perfect for any installation that requires music playback via an easy-to-use and fully controllable device.. Media Playback. Housed in a... View more
Denon DN-700C
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Network CD / Media Player. The new DN-700C is designed to be fully functional as a Broadcast/Professional Installation quality network CD and media player with the option of multiple audio sources.. Housed in a 1RU rack-mountable chassis, the DN-700C Network Media / CD Player's core features are focused on true audio source versatility and... View more
Denon DN-700R
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Network SD/USB Audio Recorder. Taking its place as Denon Professional's flagship recording product, the DN-700R Network SD/USB Recorder is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding installations, combining high quality audio recording with extensive network capabilities. With a powerful feature set and using the most reliable solid state... View more
Denon DN-500R
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SD/USB Audio Recorder. Adding to the already successful 500-series – the new line of workhorse and affordable A/V products for installation by Denon Professional, enters the DN-500R solid state audio recorder. Conveniently tooled in the familiar 1 RU chassis, the DN- 500R further emphasizes Denon Pro's commitment to providing professional feature-... View more
Denon DBT-3313UDCIP
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Universal Audio / Video Player - High-quality sound and video from a wide range of media. The DBT-3313UDCIP universal disc player plays a wide variety of disc media such as 3D Blu-ray, DVD, DVD-Audio, Super Audio CD and Music CD, and via a network connection (DLNA 1.5) it also lets you enjoy your stored video and music files, photos, and online... View more
Denon AVR-X4000P
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Integrated Network AV Receiver. Your IN-Command Series Integrated Network A/V Receiver is the heart and brain of your networked home entertainment center.. 7.2-channel 4K Ultra HD & 3D Pass-through Networking Home Theater Receiver with Apple AirPlay and Multi-Zone Video. The AVR-X4000 A/V receiver is packed with Denon technologies that deliver... View more
The JRX212 is a portable, twelve-inch, two-way speaker system designed specifically for live performance stage monitoring applications.

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