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ProAc Response D80

The ProAc Response D80 is a smaller and more affordable loudspeaker than the Four which nonetheless embodies a similar design philosophy and technical excellence. At the same time, the D80's bring their own individual characteristics to bear, exhibiting a remarkable sensitivity and breathtaking dynamism. Driving these loudspeakers, low output valve and Class A transistor amplifiers will now be able to achieve their full potential.

Like the Fours, these new models feature twin bass drivers, twin midrange units and a soft dome tweeter. Critical drive unit placement on the baffle and an intricate and sophisticated crossover network harmonise these elements to produce a sound of immense vitality and authority. As ever with ProAc, build quality is unrivalled. The beautiful hand-crafted cabinets, finished in natural real wood veneers, are heavily damped to provide a solid platform for the sound.

The two studio quality eight inch bass drivers are mounted both top and bottom of the enclosure and are ported through both the bottom and sides of the cabinet to produce a clean bass response of great power and depth. Between the bass drivers are a pair of new two-inch midrange domes which excel in producing faster and more detailed midrange response with, in our view, much less colouration than conventional cones.

Centrally mounted, the new ProAc one inch soft dome tweeter is a revelation. Unusually, it incorporates a special roll surround and like the midrange units, a heavy duty, non-resonant front plate, to generate a remarkably sweet and highly extended treble response.

The true forte of the new D80's will always be pure two-channel applications, but their enhanced dynamics and sensitivity also make them ideal for the very best home cinema systems. Whatever the source material - vinyl, CD, digital tape or DVD, these exciting new loudspeakers will produce a highly detailed and satisfying listening experience that will delight for many years.


Nominal Impedance
4 ohms
Recommended Amplifiers
10 to 500 watts
Frequency Response
20hz to 30Khz
91db linear for 1 watt at 1 metre
Bass Driver (2)
8" professional drivers with specially doped polypropylene cone.
Midrange Driver (2)
2" soft dome midrange with dedicated rear chamber and heavy duty non-resonant front plate.
1" soft dome with unique inner chamber and front plate.
Finest components on dedicated circuit board. Multistrand oxygen-free copper cable throughout. Split for optional bi-wiring and bi-amping.
54 1/2" (1384mm) high on plinths with spikes
10" (254mm) wide
15" (381mm) deep
121lbs (55kg) cabinet
Acoustically transparent crimplene
Available in the following real wood veneers: Black Ash, Maple, Mahogany, Cherry, Ebony, Bird's Eye Maple and Burr Oak.


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