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The API Model 500VPR is powered externally by a tri-polar power supply and is designed to accept API standard format 5.25" X 1.5" modules. The 500VPR is internally wired for PIN 2 hot, and comes with... View more
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API 500-8B
The API 500-8B "lunchbox" gives an engineer the flexibility to bring along specialized EQ effects to any situation: 550A, 550b or 560. The new 8-slot lunchbox includes all of the features that have... View more
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API 500-6B
The API 500-6B, also commonly called "lunchbox" is a 6-slot rack designed to accept all API standard 5.25" X 1.5" modules. The standard established by API (VPR alliance) allows an engineer the... View more
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