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Remote Audio BOOMBOY
The Boom Boy holds in place any standard size boom pole, and its 3/8 stainless-steel post can be easily mounted on C-stand heads It will hold any standard size boompole for hours without complaining.... View more


Betso WTCS-1
The WTCS-1 is a wireless time code slate in slim, lightweight and durable design Betso WTCS-1 wireless time code slate with writing sheet backlight is carefully designed to meet rising demands on... View more
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Cable Techniques CT-MIN-LPUOX-18
Mini TRS to Low-Profile XLR-3M Sennheiser G4/G3 Output cable 18" 3.5mm TRS Mini Moulded Locking Right Angle to Low-Profile XLR 3-pin Male, Low-Profile Sennheiser EK 100 G4/G3, Senal AWS-2000R,... View more


K-Tek AIBK1 - Airo Booming Intro Kit
The AIBK1 is an ultimate Intro Kit: Fuzzy Windscreen, Shockmount, Boompole & XLR cable in a padded Kit bag. Just add a microphone and you're set to go. Airo by K-Tek announces an integrated new... View more
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Audioroot eSMART Li-48neo
14.4V 48Wh smart lithium battery with embedded OLED display This all new model has a built-in OLED display which allows real time display of the battery's state of charge information. This helps... View more


Tascam DR-680MKII
The Tascam DR-680 MKII is a 6 mic/line inputs and digital input channels allow simultaneous recording of up to 8 tracks at 96kHz/24-bit. Featuring 6 XLR/TRS inputs with phantom power, and a digital... View more
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Save 20.1%, MSRP $875.00
Ursa Straps Thigh Side Strap (Beige)
The Ursa Body Thigh Side Strap with an universal pouch for Radio Transmitter sitting sidewards URSA Straps are not made from Neoprene or Elastic. We have developed a brand new bonded fabric... View more


MAHA Energy PowerEx C980 8-bank NiMH AA/AAA Charger-Analyzer
Powerex MH-C980 Turbo Charger-Analyzer for 8 AA/AAA Rechargeable Batteries The Powerex MH-C980 Turbo Charger-Analyzer charges up to 8 AA or AAA nickel-metal hydride batteries in approximately 1 hour.... View more


Cable Techniques CT-LPTA3-L
The Cable Techniques CT-LPTA3-L is a Low-Profile TA3F "Mini XLR" 3-pin Female Connector, Left 90° Side-exit, Fixed outlet orientation LEFT of release button Can be use with Lectrosonics SR with SREXT... View more


Neumann KMR 81i
Short version of the classic shotgun mic, with switchable filter and pre-attenuation functions. Excellent off-axis (lateral and rear) attenuation. Free of coloration. The Neumann KMR 81 is a shotgun... View more
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Ursa Straps Tape Soft Strips - 30 Small (Beige)
URSA Tape - Soft strips of moleskin applied to hypoallergenic tape. Pack of 30 Small Strips Great for reducing clothing rustle and camouflaging microphones.


Remote Audio CAPWRHH2
The CAPWRHH2 is a DC power cable 4-pin Hirose M to 4-pin Hirose M2 ft. (24 inches)


Tentacle Sync C04
Standard XLR input connector for transmitting timecode from any Tentacle Sync Box to devices that don't have built in timecode-capabilities. Utilizing the XLR input, the timecode signal will be... View more


Bubblebee Industries The Windkiller - XS
The Windkiller Extra Small is our long-haired wind protector that fits shotgun microphones from Audio-Technica, Audix, DPA, JVC, Neumann, Røde, Sanken, Schoeps, Sennheiser, & Sony The core of the... View more


K-Tek KSWB1 - Waist Belt
Redefining comfort and ease of operation, the Stingray Waistbelt KSWB1 is designed specifically for smaller gear packages or similar sized mixer / recorders. Centered around the Sound Devices 633,... View more


Sanken CS-1e
Sanken CS1e is a long reach, short shotgun microphone.The CS-1e is Sanken's solution to a large demand from many engineers in the video and film Industries. This shotgun mic is easily hidden from the... View more
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Timecode Systems TCB-46
The TCB-46 is a DIN 1.0/2.3 to BNC for LTC/Genlock cable


Cable Techniques CT-MIN-LPBOT-18
Mini TRS to Low-Profile TA3F Sennheiser EK 2000 Output cable 18" 3.5mm TRS Mini Molded LockingRight Angle to Low-Profile TA3F cable, Low-Profile Sennheiser EK 2000 Output cable to Sound Devices 633,... View more


Rycote Lavalier Undercover Windscreen 065504
Undercovers have been specifically designed for use with Lavalier mics under clothing. Undercovers, 30 fabric covers with Stickies, Ten of each Black, Grey & White. Using Stickies to affix the... View more


Cable Techniques CT-LPXLR-3F
The Cable Techniques CT-LPXLR-3F-K is a Low-Profile XLR 3-pin Female Connector, Multi-position 90° side cable-exit, matte black shell, gold pins, Black cap Only 25mm of exposed length in use. .... View more


K-Tek KP9CCR - Klassic Pro Boompole
The KP9, KlassicPro Boompole has a collapsed length of 28" / 71.2cm and an extended length of 9' / 2.75m and only weighs 1.4lbs / 0.63kg. This 6-section Boompole features a removable headpiece for... View more
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Save 5%, MSRP $914.00
Sennheiser MKH 40 P 48 U 3
Cardioid RF condenser microphone. For a large number of applications, e. g. as a main microphone, especially in lightly reverberant or acoustically less perfect rooms. The MKH 40 has a large number... View more
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Save 20%, MSRP $1950.00
Rycote Full Windshield 4 Kit 086001
The Modular Windshield 4 Kit is suitable for shotgun microphones from 211mm up to 280mm in length and 19-34mm diameter with a 3-pin XLR connector. The Modular Windshield Kit is the professionals'... View more
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Save 8.8%, MSRP $909.00
Ursa Straps Waist Belt - Small w/ Big Pouch (Beige)
The Ursa Body Worn Straps - Small waist with a big pouch that fits all industry standard transmitters. For sizes: 61-84cm (24-32) In order to make the most comfortable low-profile straps we developed... View more


K-Tek K152 - Klassic Graphite Boom Pole
The K152 Klassic Boom Pole has a collapsed length of 3'0 | 91cm and an extended length of 12'8 | 386cm and only weighs 1.3lbs | 610g. This 5-section Boompole is uncabled. The top attachment is a 3/8... View more
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Save 5.1%, MSRP $809.00
Orca Bags OR-150
The Orca Bags OR-150 is an aluminium antenna holder. The Orca OR-150 antenna holder is made of solid aluminum and was designed to help mount antennas, LCD screens, LED light and other accessories... View more


Sound Devices MX-LM1
L-Mount Battery Sled. Holds one L-Mount battery (not included). Powers MixPre Original Series, MixPre-M Series, and MixPre II Series recorders. To remove the MX-LM1 from the MixPre, press in the... View more


Ursa Straps Belt Pouch - Medium (Black)
The Belt Pouch - Mediumi allows you to rig a transmitter vertically or horizontally to a belt or bra. They can also be sewn or pinned into costumes


Sennheiser CL100
CL100 is an 1/8"-Male Mini Jack to XLR-Male Connector Cable for Sennheiser EK100 Receiver


Ursa Straps Belt Pouch - Large (Black)
The Belt Pouch - Large allows you to rig a transmitter vertically or horizontally to a belt or bra. They can also be sewn or pinned into costumes


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