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JBL RMC Calibration Kit
Room Mode Correction Kit for JBL LSR6328P and LSR6312SP Monitor Speakers. This is the Room Mode Calibration Kit for the JBL LSR6300 series of studio monitor speakers, developed in support of the... View more

$99.00 (Special)

Save $120.99, Regular $219.99
Primacoustic TelePad 4
The TelePad Universal is designed to conveniently mount any smartphone to a microphone or cymbal stand. Backing tracks, lyrics, set lists, click tracks, controllers, or audio applications can now be... View more

$21.99 (Special)

Save $8.00, Regular $29.99
Raxxess KARD-40
The KARD-40 is a steel front door for 40U KAR rack Solid steel front door for 40U KAR enclosed rack.. Obsolete as of 5/1/11 - refer to E1 Series Racks and Doors for replacement. Search for "NE1F" for... View more

$100.00 (Special)

Save $35.00, Regular $135.00
Sound Ideas Digiffects SFX Library - Complete Collection on CD
Over 24,000 Sound Effects in 19 Distinct Collections on CDs or Hard Drive. Digiffects Sound Effects Library provides the full spectrum of sound for your audio productions. It offers 19 distinct sound... View more
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$1305.00 (Special)

Save $1042.00, Regular $2347.00
Oktava MK-103
The MK-103 is a mid-sized diaphragm mic developed to compliment Oktava small and large diaphragm condenser mics. Available in Black and Silver. It provides a useful gradation in time domain response... View more
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$399.00 (Special)

Save $155.00, Regular $554.00
DPA 4015-TL
The 4015-TL wide cardioid microphone is an upgraded version of the original DPA 4015. The wide cardioid polar pattern (also known as hemisphere) is the perfect fill-in between an omni and a more... View more
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$2608.00 (Special)

Save $455.00, Regular $3063.00
Allen & Heath GR2
The Allen & Heath GR2 analogue zone mixer is the perfect tool for sound system installation in bars with different zone. The GR2 is a 9-input, 4-output analogue zone mixer for sound installations... View more
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$600.00 (Special)

* Limited quantity
Sequential Mopho
Mopho is a compact and affordable-but powerful-monophonic analog synthesizer. The voice architecture is identical to a single voice of the Prophet '08, but with a couple of unique twists to... View more
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$249.00 (Special)

Save $116.00, Regular $365.00
Coleman Audio MS6
Six Input Auxiliary Switcher - The MS6 adds six stereo returns to any system. This model incorporates completely passive switching and XLR connections for all inputs and outputs.
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$477.00 (Demo)

Save $262.00, New $739.00
Shunyata Research Guardian Pro Model-2
The Guardian Pro products are suited to recording studios, mastering labs and even concert recording due to their slim, lightweight and rack-mountable chassis designs The Guardian Pro series came... View more
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$199.00 (Demo)

Save $226.00, New $425.00
Sound Ideas Royalty Free Music Collection on hard drive
Imagine more than 160 discs of Sound Ideas Royalty Free Music, more than 10,800 music tracks, all in one easy to access 160 GB hard drive. It's a production music dream team... and available only... View more
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$3266.00 (Special)

Save $1957.00, Regular $5223.00
Matrox Convert DVI Plus lets broadcasters easily and economically incorporate content from computers, iPads, and iPhones into news programs. It is also the perfect appliance to drive projectors and... View more
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$260.00 (Special)

Save $1041.00, Regular $1301.00
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