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Telefunken AK-47mkII

Special bundle
Telefunken AK-47mkII
The AK-47 MkII is a remarkably hi-fidelity microphone that is reminiscent of a cross between the historic M49 and U47/48 microphones. The TELEFUNKEN AK-47 MkII is a large diaphragm multi-pattern... View more
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Neumann M 149

Special bundle
Neumann M 149
The universal high-end tube microphone with a unique sound and a comprehensive selection of settings, including 9 directional characteristics and a 7-level low-cut filter! The Neumann M 149 Tube is a... View more
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Schoeps M222AC
The M22AC is a tube amplifier body with power supply unit. It is designed for the Schoeps Colette capsule series. M 222 with Powering Unit NT 222 DC (ordering information 'M 222 DC') for portable use... View more
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