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Phoenix Audio DRS-8 mk2
The Phoenix Audio DRS-8 mk2 is a 8 Channel Class A Microphone pre-amplifier based on a transformerless discrete Class-A input topology. Phoenix Audio (UK) is dedicated to the development of Class A... View more
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Antelope Audio Discrete 4 | Synergy Core
Put Antelope Audio's pristine AD/DA conversion and massive effects processing power on your desktop with the Discrete 4 Synergy Core audio interface. A hot-rodded upgrade to Antelope's popular... View more
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API 3124MV
The API 3124MV is a discrete 4 channels mic/line pre with stereo mixer The 3124MV is designed with the professional engineer in mind, it gives four channels of the highest possible quality mic... View more
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Thermionic Culture Earlybird 4
The Thermionic Culture Earlybird 4 contains 4 channels of extremely high quality valve pre-amplification. Originally made in black in 1999, this is a special "revival" limited edition in red (limited... View more
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API 3124V
The 3124V is a high quality, compact, 4-channel mic preamp. It is equipped with the RE-115 K mic input transformer and the proprietary output transformer found in all API mic pres Additionally, the... View more
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Warm Audio WA412
The Ward Audio WA-412 provides 4 channels of classic American console preamps in a sleek 1RU design. This style of preamp is often referred to as "the sound of Rock n' Roll" for its BIG punchy low... View more
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SPL Crescendo
Crescendo an Eight-Channel Microphone Preamplifier featuring 120V Technology The Crescendo is the first microphone preamplifier which operates with an internal operating voltage of 120V. Making it... View more
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Focusrite Clarett Octopre
The Clarett OctoPre is an 8 Channel Mic Pre and AD/DA converter. Precision digital conversion ideal for hi-resolution audio Whatever you record, however you work, there will come the day that you... View more
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Focusrite ISA 428 MK II
The Focusrite ISA 428 MkII is a rack of four classic microphone pre-amplifiers with optional class leading AD conversion. Heritage Sound times four. Focusrite's ISA mic preamps can be traced back to... View more
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Focusrite OctoPre mkII
With eight channels of Focusrite preamplification and a built-in 24-bit / 96 kHz ADAT output, OctoPre MkII is Focusrite's powerful input upgrade for your system. It's also a great expansion for any... View more
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Solid State Logic XLogic VHD
The Alpha VHD-Pre offers four of SSL's widely acclaimed VHD Pre circuits in compact 1U format. 4 Ch. of ultra-clean SSL grade preamps. First featured on our flagship Duality console and now the go to... View more
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