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Arturia MicroBrute
MicroBrute is pure analog sonic powerhouse of a synth. Small in size but loaded with features, it follows in the footsteps laid by its big brother the MiniBrute. Packed with mixable waveforms, a new... View more
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$359.00 (Special)

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Roland AIRA TB-3
Based on the wildly influential TB-303, the TB-3 Touch Bassline is a performance-ready bass synthesizer with authentic sound and intuitive controls engineered to play. The TB-3 contains the... View more
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$249.00 (Special)

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Korg Kross-88
KROSS 88. More features, more sounds, more possibilities. The successor of the KROSS, is an 88 key, velocity-sensitive, compact, portable workstation with a huge range of sounds. A state-of-the-art... View more
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$1195.00 (Demo)

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Korg KROME-88
On Stage. On the Go. On Top. Full-length, unlooped samples of every key for spectacular sound, KROME-88 redefines your expectations and is the standard for sonic excellence. KROME 61 and 73 models... View more
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$1795.00 (Demo)

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Sequential Mopho
Mopho is a compact and affordable-but powerful-monophonic analog synthesizer. The voice architecture is identical to a single voice of the Prophet '08, but with a couple of unique twists to... View more
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$249.00 (Special)

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