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Schoeps M222AC

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The M22AC is a tube amplifier body with power supply unit. It is designed for the Schoeps Colette capsule series.

M 222 with Powering Unit NT 222 DC (ordering information 'M 222 DC') for portable use with 12V DC or mains and preamplification up to line level for DAT or HD recordings.

For this group of users SCHOEPS has added the new tube microphone M 222 and its power supplies NT 222 DC and NT 222 AC to its product line. Both components are built by ELVO, the SCHOEPS-affiliated supplier which can produce a small to moderate number of units with the high quality expected by our customers, at a reasonable price.

Modern Tube Design
The new approach to tube design does not merely recycle techniques from the sixties. Rather, it unites a first-quality tube from the original AEG-TELEFUNKEN production with up-to-date circuitry. Since there is no need for a modern vacuum tube microphone to be bulky, the dimensions of the SCHOEPS CMC series have been utilized (diameter 20 mm, length 116 mm without capsule). The model number M 222 is based on the name of the legendary SCHOEPS tube microphone M 221 B, though the specifications and performance are significantly improved. All switches and plugs are gold plated. Modern XLR connections ensure high reliability, the audio signal path is transformerless.

M 222 Application Notes
Not only can any capsules of the Colette Series be used, but also all the active accessories such as the CUT1, KC, RC, GVC and the BLM03C. Depending on the powering unit you can switch on a preamplfier in five steps from microphone level up to line level (with NT 222 DC) or a line driver that allows cable runs up to 300 m to the mixing console's microphone input (with NT 222 AC).

Important for purists: The power supplies offer a "TUBE DIRECT" switch setting with which there are no semiconductors in the signal path whatsoever. A "HARMONICS" switch alters the Q-point of the tube, causing the gradual increase of harmonics to set in earlier, to emphasize the typical tube sound.


  • Tube Microphone Amplifier with Power Supply / Preamplifier / Filter
  • Fits for any SCHOEPS Colette Series capsule and all the Active Accessories such as CUT1, KC, RC, GVC, BLM03C
  • Same dimensions as SCHOEPS CMC microphone amplifier
  • High sensitivity: 38 mV/Pa (with SCHOEPS MK2S, GAIN "0 dB")
  • Frequency range: 15 Hz - 30.000 Hz (with SCHOEPS MK2S)
  • Maximum sound pressure level (with MK2S): 142 dB
  • Maximum output level: 9.5 Vrms (19.6 dBV) @ 600 Ohm load
  • GAIN: TUBE DIRECT(-10 dB) / 0 dB / 10 dB / 20 dB / 30 dB
  • GAIN position "TUBE DIRECT" without any semiconductors in the signal path
  • FILTER (switchable): 60 Hz (12 dB/oct), 150 Hz (6 dB/oct)
  • GROUND LIFT switch insulates power supply ground from analog ground
  • HARMONICS switch emphasizes the typical tube sound
  • All signal switches with gold-plated contacts
  • LEDs "ON", "OVERLOAD" (10 dB Headroom), "GROUND LIFT"
  • Powering: with 12 V battery or mains adapter (included) or other mains adapters offering 12 VDC, ca. 0.3 A, may be unstabilized (internal switching regulator); galvanic isolation from ground (switchable)
  • Output M 222: XLR-5 (gold-plated), transformerless, balanced
  • Input NT 222 DC: XLR-5 (gold-plated), balanced, transformerless
  • Output NT 222 DC: XLR-3 (gold-plated), balanced, transformerless, output impedance 50 Ohm allows cables up to several hundred meters ("TUBE DIRECT": 500 Ohm up to 40 m cable), possible unbalanced operation without loss of level
  • Solid construction (metal case)
  • Complete set with wooden case, cables, popscreen and clamp
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    $3017.00 (Special)

    Save $171.00, Regular $3188.00
    Free shipping in Canada. Conditions
    Capsule is not included.
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