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Spectra Sonics Model 610 Complimiter

The Model 610 is the original version of the Classic Compressor And Peak Limiter. It utilizes the 601 compressor/limiter module, with a 101 Preamplifier for make-up gain

Two 610 Complimiters can be interconnected for stereo use via the 610 SI Accessory.

In 1969, Spectra Sonics first utilized the 601 module in the 610 Complimiter, a piece of outboard gear that allowed users to use the compressor and limiter separately or at the same time. Since its creation, the 601 has gained a reputation of being one of the quietest, fastest and most versatile analog modules in the pro audio industry. Thus, the 610 unit has remained as iconic as other fan favorites like the LA2A and 1176.

Spectra Sonics continues the legacy they started over 45 years ago by building the 610 Complimiter as it was originally designed. This 2-chassis unit keeps intact the classic 601 compressor/limiter module with a 101 Preamplifier for make-up gain. If you'd like to use two in tandem for stereo use, engineers can connect two 610s via the 610 SI Accessory.
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