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EQ-1 Dual Valve Equaliser

The EQ-1 is the product that re-defined affordable valve technology, and four
years later it boasts thousands of users worldwide. The EQ-1's strength is its
very simplicity - each EQ band offers a choice of four carefully selected
switched frequencies, which combined with gentle slopes and broad curves
gives the EQ-1 an instantly warm, musical sound. Simply select a frequency
then cut or boost it - the results are immediate and stunning! Microphones,
keyboards, guitars and basses (for which the 8 band mono mode is extremely
useful) are all enhanced by the EQ-1, and overall mixes can be sweetened and
shaped quickly and effortlessly. Ideal for adding warmth in a digital
environment, or for bypassing a bland solid state console EQ.
The EQ-1 features a high performance transformerless front end, followed by
four valve stages per channel - the first stage is a voltage amplifier, and the
following stages are shared by the EQ section (all valve stages running at 325v
DC). This combination of technologies results in a very high specification for
the pre amp, whilst still providing the classic valve sound with it's gradual
overdrive characteristic. The output stages of the EQ-1 are balanced
transformerless designs, providing buffering of the valve outputs and high
drive capability. The absence of transformers in the signal path contributes to
the wide frequency response and low distortion figure, which remain virtually
constant from 20Hz to 40kHz.
  • Features
    2 channels - each with 4 bands of valve equalisation
    LF band gives ±12dB shelving @ 60Hz, 120Hz, 250Hz or 500Hz
    LM band gives ±12dB peaking @ 250Hz, 500Hz, 1kHz or 2.2kHz
    HM band gives ±12dB peaking @1.5kHz, 2.2kHz, 3.6kHz or 5kHz
    HF band gives ±12dB shelving @ 2.2kHz, 5kHz, 8kHz or 12kHz
    Balanced microphone and line level inputs with variable gain control
    Balanced line outputs, switchable for -10dB or +4dB operation
    Line inputs and outputs duplicated on unbalanced jack connections
    Front panel mono unbalanced auxiliary input (for guitars etc)
    48v phantom power
    Cascade switch for 8 band mono operation (Channel A output is fed
    into Channel B). Channel B input gain control then becomes overall
    output level control
    Insert point on each channel (between mic pre amp and EQ section)
    EQ bypass switch with status LED
    Frequency response 20Hz to 40kHz +0 /-1dB
    Mic Input: Impedance: > 10k. Gain range: +16 to +60dB. Input Noise (EIN): -
    127dBu (22Hz-22kHz). Max input level: +10dBu. Balanced XLR connector.
    Line Input: (Balanced) Impedance: > 5k. Gain range: -10dB to +35dB. Max
    input level: +30dBu. Balanced XLR connector. (Unbalanced) Impedance: >
    5k. Gain range: -10dB to +35dB. Max input level: +30dBu. Jack connector.
    Auxiliary Input: Impedance : 100k. Max gain : 50dB. Max input level: 0dBu.
    Unbalanced jack connector. Output: Balanced output impedance: < 10. Max
    level: +22dBu into 600. Unbalanced output impedance: 47. Max level:
    +20dBu into 10k. Insert point: stereo jack, tip=send, ring=return. Nominal
    level -2dBu. Output impedance: 47, Return input impedance: 10k. Frequency
    response: 20Hz - 40kHz +0 /-1dB. Distortion: 0.02% at 1kHz. Dynamic
    Range: 105dB. Power supply: 110-120v or 220-240v AC. Power consumption:
    20VA typical. Dimensions: 483 x 205 x 88mm (19" 2U). Weight: 5kg
    Shipping Weight: 6kg
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