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Alternate Soundings MP5


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The Alternate Soundings MP5 a 500 SeriesPreamplifier with "TILT" EQ feature. The MP5 is remarquable for its faithfull, "airy" and musical preamplification.

AL.SO MP5 is a 500 series microphone and ligne level preamplifier plus a "TILT" EQ. Compatible with all standard 500 series chassis (less than 80 mA consumption per power rail). The MP5 is perfect for all types of dynamic, electro-static or ribbon microphones but also with ligne levels signals.

The MP5 "Tilt" type EQ let you brighten or darken your signal. The TILT function can simulate a wide range of different preamps, as if you had several preamps in one !

No switch is used on the audio path and the polarity inversion is made by a passive relay.

On the front panel a VU meter for the control of the output level of the unit.


  • 500 series preamplifier with "TILT" EQ
  • Gain: -2dB to +74dB
  • Harmonic distortion of 3rd order at 60 dB gain: 0,007% @ 1 kHz
  • Harmonic distortion of 3rd order at -2dB dB gain: 0,0041% @ 1 kHz
  • Bandwidth at 60 dB gain:10Hz / 100 kHz: ± 0,3 dB
  • Bandwidth at -2 dB de gain: 10Hz / 100 kHz: ± 1 dB
  • Input transformer: SOWTER (UK)
  • Electronically balanced output
  • High-end Clarostat potentiometer, plactic audio track
  • Compatible with all standard 500 series rack and lunchbox chassis
  • 100% hand built in France
  • Designed by Olivier Bolling
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