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The Studio Microphone FOX features a large-diaphragm condenser USB mic

Beyerdynamic are boldly pushing forward into the quality USB mic segment with FOX, a large diaphragm condenser microphone with built-in 24-bit/96kHz conversion, with the signal fed direct to your software via the onboard USB port. There's a mute button as well as latency-free headphone monitoring signal, which not all mics of this type have. It looks unpretentious and is probably very well-made. Beyerdynamic is stressing the intention to make this quick and easy to use while recording a professional quality signal.

The Beyerdynamic FOX has a mic capsule that's not unlike the one found in professional studio mics. It has a cardioid polar pattern (so sounds coming from behind are rejected) and elastic suspension which helps prevent footsteps and fret noises. The mic's digital component comprises a 24-bit, 96kHz DAC with Cirrus Logic converters for a sound that's very clean, even if it isn't silky and boutique like a high-end preamp/converter combo would sound.

It also makes for a very simple setup and operation - just plug into the nearest USB port and use the headphone jack to plug a pair of cans for monitoring. Off you go! The FOX can be used with computers and mobile devices alike - provided you have the right adapter for the latter.

The FOX has its controls situated on the front and back panels. There are a volume knob for the headphone amplifier, a button to regulate the gain, and a mute button. Furthermore, the microphone ships with a pop shield, a base stand, a mounting clamp, a USB cable, and a thread adapter. These accessories may not be of the finest and greatest quality, but Beyerdynamic is easing novice recordists in by giving them everything to get started, while also providing very good value for the money.
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