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The Lavry Engineering Gold AD122-96MkIII is a High Resolution 96kHz Stereo Analog-o-Digital Converter for Mastering.

Converts analog signals to a true 24-bit digital audio data stream. Consistently used for many of today's top recordings, the AD122-96MKIII features -127dB dynamic range (unweighted), providing optimum musical results.

The MKIII is the 4th generation gold series analog to digital converter.

The first gold AD, model AD122 (developed under our old company name - dB Technologies) was the first converter to reach 122dB dynamic range which is 20 bits of true performance. While most AD converters specify dynamic range with an "A weighing" curve - a method which reduces "the accountability" of lower and higher audio frequencies, Model AD122 provided a 122dB with no A weighing.

The second generation converter, The AD122-96 provided was an extension from the standard 44.1-48KHz sampling rate to "double speed" (88.2 and 96KHz sampling). The double speed range dynamic range was lower then the standard range, and it was upgraded to the AD122 MKII.

The MKII provides 127dB dynamic range (without A weighing), and a consistent clean performance over the frequency range. The much improved clock scheme provides extremely low jitter with both internal and external lock. Achieving the state of the art performance required increased usage of power, with much of it converted to heat. Because of the relatively high heat dissipation, when mounted in a manner that does not provide adequate ventilation or operated in high ambient temperatures the MKII runs very hot, which can reduce its reliability.

The MKIII is a redesign of the MKII, with a strong emphasis on heat reduction. The new converter modules are housed in metal enclosures with massive heat sinks. A new MKIII motherboard incorporates all of the previous MKII revisions and is powered by a new power supply, with better control over DC voltages and power dissipation. The clock circuitry is the same as the MKII. The software is very stable and left unchanged, therefore the features are all identical to a MKII. The benefits of reduced operating temperature are even lower distortions over the whole frequency range as well as increased flexibility in mounting and range of ambient operating temperatures.


  • 96kHz, 88.2kHz, 48kHz and 44.1kHz conversion frequencies
  • Unequalied detail and performance
  • True -127dB noise floor
  • 0.00005% Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise
  • Conversion to 24 bits
  • Built-in Acoustic Bit Correction re-dithering to 16-20 bit formats
  • Switchable digital soft-knee limiter, +3 or +6dB gain
  • Precision reference meter bridge
  • Fully programmable digital test tones for system alignment
  • AES and word clock external synchronization 40-51kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz
  • DC removal
  • Absolute Polarity Inversion
  • Multi-converter synchronization
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