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This version is intended for mastering engineers involved in downloadable DSD and SACD mastering/remastering and for general professional use.

A pair of BNC SDIF DSD inputs allow digital transfers from existing DSD recording equipment and professional SACD players to the computer's hard disk. This version is the same as the "Black Preamp" version but with digital DSD inputs instead of analog. Other functionality, technical specs, sound quality and firmware are the same for all 3 versions with the exception of the analog vs. SDIF DSD inputs, color of panel and presence of LED level meters.

Stereo96 ADC is a two channel hi-end Analog to Digital converter for recording and mastering applications. The main feature of this converter is its outstanding sound quality which makes it suitable for the most demanding projects when preserving the original signal quality is a required.

The MYTEK Stereo96 series consists of two 1/3 rack units- the Stereo96 ADC and the Stereo 96 DAC. They are also a part of extended family of 1/3 rack units which also includes 192kHz capable converters, SRC and Studio Clock. Stereo96 converters can be used as stand-alone devices for variety of studio applications such as mastering, recording and playback, whenever the highest quality conversion is required.

Users choose Mytek converters primarily for their outstanding sound quality. The sound of Mytek converters can be described as "transparent". We design our converters to be as faithful to the signal as possible, rather than follow philosophy of some other manufacturers who offer "analog" or "tube" sounding converters. Mytek converters are closest to a straight wire, which is especially evident when used at full 24/96 resolution. Sonically they are equal or better than the most expensive mastering converters. Even when used in 16 bit mode, the Stereo96 converters produce 20dB (10 times) less distortion than typical converters found in budget recording equipment. Mytek Stereo96 ADC is an ideal addition to low cost recording interfaces. When connected via SPDIF input it provides two high quality recording channels ideal for overdubs. In addition it provides the source of high quality clock which improves the sound of the remaining interface channels.
32bit, PCM up to 192k,

Internal Clock Generator (10ps jitter,) Wordclock In and Out, or sync to incoming digital audio input with JET (tm) PLL
Time Domain Jitter Eliminator in the DAC module

Relay bypass of the attenuator for direct purist DAC out

DSD ASIO drivers for Win, DoP "DSD over USB" coding for all other playback software (Mac, Win, FW, USB2.0, AES, SPDIF)

Dynamic range
128dB (ESS Sabre chipset in 8 mono to 2 stereo config)


Analog Inputs
A pair of unbalanced RCA analog inputs for preamp functionality (assignable to volume control) (In Preamp Version.)

Computer Inputs
Ability of converting standard digital audio inputs into computer FW/USB input

Online downloadable firmware updates

Digital Audio Inputs and Outputs
Firewire 400/800 (up to 192k/DSD async)
USB2.0 (up to 192k/DSD async)
USB1.1 (up to 96k, sync,driverless)

Digital Audio Inputs
SPDIF, AES/EBU, Toslink all up to192k single wire
(64x and 128XDSD SDIF DSD interface in Mastering Version)

Headphone amp
High Current, High Slew Rate ultra low distortion 500mA hi-fi headphone amp

Works with universal remote and Apple aluminum remote

Internal Async Hardware Upsampling
16bit 44.1k etc. can be optionally upsampled prior to conversion to 192k/24bit with clock jitter eliminated

Transparent, 1dB stepped programmable analog attenuator, separate for main out and headphones. Alternate digital attenuator

Function switches
Two user assignable function switches (MUTE, MONO etc.)

100/115V-220/240V 50/60Hz switchable
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