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Phoenix Audio DRS-Q4M mk2

The DRS-Q4M Mk2 is a 4 Band Gyratory-based Eq with 11 selectable frequencies, and Mic, Line, and DI inputs.

We know you will be as pleased with it's sonic qualities as we are. The DRS-Q4M Mk2 has the advantages of more than 25 years experience in audio engineering, today's component and manufacturing technology, but still retaining "that sound" uniquely achievable through Class A design. Phoenix Audio is dedicated to the development of Class A discrete technology used within high build-quality equipment.

The DRS-Q4M Mk2 uses our well proven and loved Class A output stage (DSOP-2) coupled with our custom wound output transformer, but also has our latest breakthrough in transformerless Class A, Discrete, truly-balanced Mic Input Technology which gives a "valve-like" sound. It also incorporates our high input impedance DI circuitry.

The Gyrator EQ circuit was designed around 40 years ago and was originally designed to emulate the characteristics of a coil or inductor EQ circuit without the issues that they can cause, the result is that our EQ circuit found in the DRSQ4M Mk2 is a very powerful but musical EQ perfect for sculpting or crafting vocals, drums or instruments etc whilst still being able to be used on mix bus duties.
  • 1U half rack space unit: With 240V/110V mains voltage input selector switch
  • Class A (DSOP-2) Output specs. Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz +- 0.5dB,
  • Maximum Output Level: +26dBu @ 1kHz
  • Noise: -90dB @ 20Hz to 20kHz.
  • Output connections: XLR and TSR 1/4" Jack on rear
  • Phoenix Audio's unique Class A, transformer-less, True balanced Mic input stage.
  • Microphone/Line input: XLR on Rear Panel
  • DI inputs: _" TSR Jack on Front Panel
  • Individual Earth Lift: Push-button Switches
  • Gain Range (Mic input): -30 to -70 in 5dB steps With 10dB more available on the fader.
  • Gain reduction: -30dB pad push-button Mic/Line switch (Mic input)
  • High Input Impedance DI: Mono 1/4" Jack on front panel (no FETs)
  • Gain Meter: LED Metering. (Green = 0dB, Yellow = +8dB, corresponding to "4" and "6"
  • on a PPM Meter).
  • Phantom Power: Switchable phantom on Push-button Switch
  • High Pass Filter: Roll-off starts at 120Hz @ 12dB per Octave.
  • Phase Reverse: on Push-button Switch
  • Frequency Response Mic Input Stage: -0.4dB @ 40Hz, -0.3dB @ 25kHz
  • Frequency Response: DI Input Stage: -0.3dB @ 40Hz, - 0.5dB @ 25kHz
  • Typical Headroom: +24dB on Mic-Pre stage
  • Gyratory-based EQ Frequency Centres: (4 Bands) High - 15K, 10K, Hi Mid - 6K, 3K,
  • 1K6, Low Mid - 800Hz, 400Hz, 200Hz, Low - 130Hz, 80Hz, 40Hz
  • EQ Cut/Boost Levels: 16dB Cut/Boost Per Band, stepped to 21 positions
  • DI Stage gain: Maximum of 20dB
  • Reviews
    fred michaud
    January 7, 2016
    **très satisfait!!**
    Ça fait une semaine que je l'ai acheté chez vous et je n'aurais pas pu faire meilleur achat. En plus avec le rabais qu'il y a en ce moment, 1500$ pour un channel hyper performant, c'est un super deal. Je l'ai essayé sur mon kick avec un ribbon mic, il a une profondeur incroyable que je n'avais pas avant. c'est large et gros!! maintenant en mode mix, quand j'ai mis ce preamp sur une voix, je l'ai drivé un brin, un EQ rapide combiné avec mes THE BRUTE compresseur et BOOM. LA voix dont on entend partout, ce son qu'on ne peut avoir qu'avec ce type de préamp. très satisfait. 4.5 parce qu'il n'y a pas de on/off...?? Pourquoi??? J'aurais aimé!!
    April 17, 2015
    Amazing Preamp, very versatile
    I have to say that when i recieved this preamp after ordering it from economik i was very impressed right away. It was double packaged to make sure it was safe when it arrived, and arrived quite quickly. When I set it up i ran it through some tests with various mics and instruments and found it to be one of the most versatile mic preamps i have used. It can be quite clean or VERY driven, and basically anything in between. I found with an AT4047SV that vocals cut through the mix very nicely without even having to touch the EQ. It had a rich warm tone that just fit my voice. On acoustic instruments i had the clarity i was looking for when i lowered the input gain and raised the output. My only reason it did not get 5 stars is because the mic/line light always stays lit, and the labels for the buttons are all below the button which makes it very hard to see.
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