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Two Notes Torpedo C.A.B. M
The C.A.B. M «Cabinets in A Box» is the missing link between the guitarist's rig and the PA or an audio interface. Use the best virtual cabinets available or load you own IR files You love the sound... View more
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API TranZformer GT Guitar Pedal
The TranZformer GT is a multifunction pedal that is designed to easily and affordably bring the world-famous analog sound of API to your guitar Offering the user an unsurpassed level of sonic... View more
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Save 15.1%, MSRP $769.00
Grace Design Felix
The Grace Design Felix is a Studio Quality 2 Channel Instrument & Mic Preamplifier / DI / EQ. FELiX is our new, studio quality 2 channel blending acoustic instrument and mic preamp, designed for... View more
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Grace Design ALiX
The silver ALiX is a single-channel preamp, EQ, DI, and boost pedal designed to bring studio-quality sound to the stage for acoustic stringed instruments with pickups From Banjo, bass to bouzouki, if... View more
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Eventide MixingLink
Eventide's high quality mic pre with FX loop in a compact form factor. A stompbox size audio toolkit for on stage, in studio and everywhere in between. Includes a quiet high gain mic-pre, 48V phantom... View more
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Two Notes Torpedo C.A.B.
The Torpedo C.A.B. is a high-end cabinet simulator in a stompbox format. It includes all the great features of the Torpedo Live, without the loadbox but with an input stage specifically tailored to... View more
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Zoom B3n
The B3n bass pedal has countless amp, cabinet, and stompbox effects that you can use on stage or in the studio. Create your own original sound, no matter the kind of music you play The B3n is... View more
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Hammond Leslie Cream Pedal
The Leslie Pedal allows the distinctive rotary, moving sound of a Leslie to be added to any, guitar, bass, keyboard, or studio rig. Hammond Organ USA announces the release at the 2013 Winter NAMM of... View more
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Save 15%, MSRP $634.00
Radial Engineering Shotgun
The Shotgun is a guitar-signal distribution amplifier that is able to drive up to four amps simultaneously without introducing hum or buzz typically encountered with ground loops. The Shotgun™ is a... View more


Hammond Leslie G Pedal
The new Leslie "G" pedal is targeted for Guitar use, but is not limited to that instrument. Hot on the heels of its big brother, which has brought the magical, moving sound of the Leslie Speaker to... View more
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Save 17%, MSRP $529.00
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