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Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 3rd Gen
Scarlett 4i4 is the perfect interface for musicians and producers starting to expand their setups and needing that extra little bit of connectivity Take your creativity to the next level with four... View more
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Save 20.1%, MSRP $399.00
Audient EVO 4
Capture your microphones and instruments and start recording audio directly to your computer with EVO 4's intuitive feature set. Combining leading tech specs with incredible performance and sound... View more


Save 10.8%, MSRP $212.00
Lynx Studio Technology Hilo w/ USB - Silver
Lynx Reengineers the two-channel converter format with innovative features and control. Silver color with USB card. Lynx Studio Technology is proud to present the Hilo Reference A/D D/A Converter... View more
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Save 8%, MSRP $3306.00
The M64 is a flexible MADI interface, router, repeater, splitter, converter and mixer with AVB/TSN networking. Routes MADI digital audio streams in various environments. High-performance computer... View more
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Dangerous Music Convert 2
Loaded with innovative and useful features accessed from an intuitive front panel, the CONVERT-2 tops an elite class of dedicated stereo digital-to-analog converters in both sound Our Next-Generation... View more
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$3048.00 (Open Box)

Save $263.00, New $3311.00
Prism Sound Lyra 1
The Lyra family of USB audio interfaces offers Prism Sound performance at its most affordable ever. Lyra 1 with one Mic Input. They are based on the Orpheus audio path and clock circuitry, but in a... View more
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Lynx Studio Technology Aurora (n) 8 USB
The Lynx Aurora (n) 8 USB has 8-channel 24-bit/192kHz A/D-D/A Converter with Preinstalled LT-USB Option Card The Aurora (n) 8-USB with preinstalled LT-USB option provides you with pro-quality digital... View more
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Save 7.1%, MSRP $3709.00
MOTU 1248
The 1248 is the flagship interface for a new line of high-performance audio interfaces that combines superb audio quality and state-of-the-art features. The 1248 Thunderbolt audio interface provides... View more
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Merging Technologies AKD8DP Optional Card
The AKD8DP Optional Card allows you to customize your Horus or HapiI interface for any Analog to Digital application. Separate input and output cards allow you to customize your Horus or HAPI... View more
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Save 20%, MSRP $3712.50
Metric Halo ULN-2 3d Custom 2 Jensen
The ULN-2 Expanded is a portable, high-quality, modular FireWire-based multi-format audio converter, interface, and processor for professional audio applications. The ULN-2 is equipped with two... View more
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Lynx Studio Technology Aurora (n) 16 HD
The Lynx Aurora (n) 16 HD has 16-channel 24-bit/192kHz A/D D/A Converter with LT-HD Card for Pro Tools|HD Preinstalled This Aurora (n) 16-HD with preinstalled LT-HD option provides you with... View more
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Mutec MC-3+ USB
MC-3+ Smart Clock USB expands a new sonic universe with increased musicality, clarity, and precision. MC-3+USB will prove its worth in audiophile listening rooms around the world. A new sonic... View more
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Bryston BDA-3
The Bryston BDA-3 is a world class DAC (digital to analog converter) that is packed with the perfect mix of features making it an essential part of your digital audio chain. Use diverse audio sources... View more
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With the OctaMic XTC eight microphone and line inputs, four switchable to Hi-Z mode, meet an unrivaled variety of digital connection protocols. RME proudly presents a new generation of top-class... View more


Save 20%, MSRP $4559.00
Antelope Audio Pure2
The Pure2 is a high-end Mastering AD/DA Converter, powered by Antelope Audio's legendary clocking and pristine analog circuitry Pure2 is a mastering-grade 24-bit, 192 kHz AD/DA 2-channel converter... View more
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Sound Devices SAM-32CF
The SAM-32CF is a 32GB approved Compact Flash card for use with Sound Devices audio recorders The UDMA-7 media card provides data rates of up to 160MB/s read & 120MB/s write speeds (1050x). Not for... View more


Dangerous Music Convert 8
Whether you're tracking, mixing or mastering, the CONVERT-8 will deliver powerful low-end, articulate mids and transcendent highs to every channel in your analog rig. Dedicated Multi-Channel... View more
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Save 16.7%, MSRP $5564.00
Lynx Studio Technology AES16e
The Lynx Studio Technology AES16e is a PCI Express AES/EBU Interfaces that offers 16 channels of 192 kHz AES/EBU I/O. In addition to the base model, the AES16e-SRC includes sixteen channels of sample... View more
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Weiss DAC1-MK3
The DAC1 is our flagship stereo D/A converter used for highest quality D/A conversion. The MK3 version uses the latest DAC chips in conjunction with eight of our discrete op-amp. The MK2 version is... View more
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Arturia AudioFuse - Studio
The ultimate desktop audio interface, AudioFuse Studio gives you 4 world-class preamps, incredible connectivity, a versatile feature set, and a host of clever design features. A future-proof... View more
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Save 28.1%, MSRP $1669.99
MOTU 624
The Motu 624 delivers round-trip latency (RTL) performance as low as 1.6 ms at 96kHz over Thunderbolt and an astonishing 1.9 ms over USB with high-performance DAW hosts The MOTU 624 hybrid audio... View more
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The 8M is one of several new high-performance audio interfaces from MOTU that combine superb audio quality, large console style mixing, and state-of-the-art features. The eight mic/guitar inputs are... View more
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Focusrite Rednet AM2
The Focusrite Rednet AM2 is a Stereo Dante headphone amplifier and line output interface solution with PoE. A valuable addition to Focusrite's RedNet range of audio-over-IP interfaces, RedNet AM2 is... View more
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Save 20.2%, MSRP $625.00
Focusrite Rednet A16R
The Focusrite A16R is a 16 channels of Dante-networked A-D and D-A conversion, with network and PSU redundancy. 16x16 Analogue I/O With Dual PSUs. RedNet A16R is a 1U, 16x16 analogue line-level I/O... View more
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Save 20%, MSRP $5749.00
Apogee Ensemble - Thunderbolt Audio Interface
Apogee Ensemble is a 30x34 Thunderbolt 2 Audio Interface for Mac Apogee Ensemble is the first Thunderbolt 2 audio interface to offer superior sound quality, the lowest latency performance and the... View more
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Save 23.1%, MSRP $4159.00
Mytek Digital Brooklyn ADC (Black)
The Mytek Brooklyn ADC is Mytek best sounding ever new A/D converter designed specifically for most demanding mastering and recording applications Dual mono ADC chipsets with fully balanced signal... View more
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Metric Halo 2882 3d
The perfect tool for capturing audio wherever inspiration hits, in the studio or on the road. Well suited to any recording situation, you can record and edit wherever you want. The Original and Still... View more
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Two audio interfaces with 24 analog channels in one rack space, superb audio quality, AVB audio networking, and large console style mixing with 48 channels and 12 stereo busses. The 24Ai and 24Ao are... View more
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Forssell Technologies MDAC - 2
MDAC-2 is a high quality two channel digital to analog converter housed in a 1U rack mount enclosure. Sample rates from 44.1k to 192k. The most revealing details, depth and natural sound with... View more
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Lynx Studio Technology E44
The E44 PCI Express card is designed to satisfy the most demanding professional recording and broadcast studio requirements. Built upon the legacy of the industry-leading LynxONE and LynxTWO cards,... View more
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Save 8.8%, MSRP $1451.00
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