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Zaor Miza 88 - Black/Cherry
MIZA 88, the big sister of the 61, provides a perfectly suitable solution to put your full masterkeyboard on the practical drawer. Black and Cherry wood. ZAOR MIZA 88 is a perfect companion for the... View more
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Middle Atlantic VPANEL-1U-2PK
Essex Vent Panels are ideal for achieving effective thermal management of the rack system, 1RU, Pack of 2 units They feature a vented pattern that matches the design on Essex racks, for a unified,... View more
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Primacoustic Stratus Modular Acoustic Cloud
The Primacoustic Stratus is an acoustic cloud system designed to create large acoustic ceilings by linking multiple units together with a rigid frame. The Primacoustic Stratus is an acoustical device... View more
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Sound Momentum Infinity Wood Diffusor - 23
The Infinity Serie are very efficient acoustic sound diffusors that use a patented technology. Made of carefully selected cherry wood protected with a flat finish clear lacquer. Once installed on a... View more
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Raxxess FVP-1
The FVP-1 is a 1U fine vent steel panel 1U perforated vent panel fills empty gaps in your rack and promotes good airflow to cool your equipment. Fine perforations are designed to limit visibility... View more


Primacoustic MaxTrap Broadband Absorber and Corner Bass Trap
The Primacoustic MaxTrap is a combination full range absorber and diaphragmatic resonator designed to control all frequencies right down to the deepest bass. The Primacoustic MaxTrap is a highly... View more


Middle Atlantic RK8
The RK8 is a 8 SPACE RK Series Rack. 16" D X 15 1/2" H
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Primacoustic Nimbus Acoustic Cloud Panel
The Nimbus is made from 1.5" thick, high-density 6lb per cubic foot glass wool. 2 panels with cables, anchors and hooks for ceilling mounting. The Primacoustic Nimbus is a high-performance ceiling... View more


Raxxess PTSW-25
The PTSW-25 is a pack of 25 rack screws 25 pieces of 10-32 X 0.75" rack screws with captive washer in a black zinc finish. Delivered in a plastic clam shell container.


Vicoustic Cinema Round Premium - 60
The Cinema Round Premium - 60 panels provide flexible and elegant solutions for sound control across a multitude of applications. Size 60 (595 x 595 x 75 mm) Combining modern design with maximum... View more
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Vicoustic Wavewood
Vicoustic's flagship Wavewood panel has been specifically developed to treat acoustic problems without destroying a room's ambience, or over-deadening the sound It can be used in control rooms,... View more
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Sterling Modular Plan A - Audio Mastering Console
The Plan A was the first (pre-engineered) console designed specifically for the acoustically critical mastering environment. It's unusually small footprint and low profile; make it still the most... View more


Raxxess RKRL-12 (Pair)
Raxxess RKRL-12 are a pair of 12U rack rails. 12U steel rack rail with holes tapped for 10-32 screws. E-Coat finish ensures threads are never clogged.


Primacoustic Recoil Stabilizer RX7-HF
The Primacoustic Recoil Stabilizer is a unique speaker mounting device that eliminates disruptive resonant coupling from the loudspeaker to the stand. 10,5"X13" Horizontal Designed for nearfield... View more
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Argosy 70 Series for Avid (Digidesign) C|24
The Argosy 70 Series for Digidesign C|24 consoles are shipped disassembled for easy installation. Open chassis design defeats thermal buildup and permits easy cabling access. Each model design is... View more


Argosy Halo-K Base
HALO.K transforms your keyboard set-up into a clean, streamlined, high powered creative suite. Base workstation version. Control surfaces are getting more compact, but studios still need an ergonomic... View more


Primacoustic GoTrap Studio Gobo
Combination of studio gobo and bass trap that is designed to enhance the recording process by controlling spill between instruments, while passively removing excessive bass from the room. It features... View more


Middle Atlantic RK6
The RK6 is a 6 SPACE RK Series Rack. 16" D X 12" H
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Zaor Miza M - Titan Grey/Wengé
ZAOR MIZA M - Modular desk for keyboard up to 1415 mm wide, 400 mm deep and 162 mm high. Dual rail system with floor support. Carries up to 30 kg. Titanium Grey and Wengé wood. ZAOR MIZA M - Modular... View more
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Middle Atlantic RK4
The RK4 is a 4 SPACE RK Series Rack. 16" D X 8 1/2" H
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Zaor Yesk 8 - Jungle Gray
The Zaor Yesk studio desk has everything you need to set up an efficient multimedia workstation. The upper tier is perfect for computer monitors and monitor speakers Two 4U rack bays provide ample... View more
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Argosy Dual 15-DR800-B-B
Argosy Dual15's sleek, symmetrical design enhances your workspace by bringing essential order to your equipment, putting all the controls at your fingertips. Dual15 workstations are shipped... View more


Argosy Aura 260 Personal Workstation
Argosy Aura 260 Personal Workstation creates the ultimate environment for screen based activity and puts everything at your fingertips in one sleek. Escape the complexity with an Aura - the ideal... View more


Primacoustic London 10 Room Kit
The Broadway London 10 room kit is designed for rooms of approximately 100 sq ft (9.3 sq m), or can be combined with other products to treat larger spaces. Whether you are building a recording... View more


Raxxess UNS-1
The UNS-1 is a 1U Universal Shelf 1U universal shelf is designed to accommodate both non-rack mount equipment and half-rack width equipment. Punched shelf bottom can be used to attach components and... View more


Primacoustic Cloud Anchors
The Primacoustic Cloud Anchor is perfect for hanging Broadway acoustic panels in restaurants, call centers, boardrooms, schools and offices. Suspending Broadway panels has never been easier or... View more


Primacoustic Cumulus Tri-Corner Bass Trap
The Cumulus is a high-performance tri-corner bass trap that is designed to seamlessly integrate into most rooms without interfering with the natural room décor. 2 Units/pack Given the choice,... View more
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Primacoustic Broadway Control Columns Beveled 12
Broadway Control Columns present an attractive, 'easy to install' solution for acoustic treatment where you want to control primary reflections and eliminate flutter echo. 12 Units Made from high... View more


Primacoustic Impaler Surface
Primacoustic surface-mount impalers are designed to hang Broadway acoustic panels directly onto the wall surface like a picture. The simple installation process makes them quick & easy to use and... View more


Zaor Miza 61 - Titanium Wengé
The Zaor MIZA 61 is a perfect companion for the working producer in todays modern, hybrid environment. It provides a perfectly suitable solution for your 61-keys keyboard The practical drawer slides... View more
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