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Antelope Audio Edge Solo
Single capsule large-diaphragm condenser microphone for Antelope's vintage mic emulations The Edge Solo is a large diaphragm condenser microphone, with a cardioid pickup pattern, that delivers clean... View more
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Antelope Audio Edge Quadro
Dual-head, quad-channel modeling microphone for 360° recording Mic modeling in three dimensions. Edge Quadro is the most advanced modeling microphone by Antelope Audio. This Quadrosonic mic features... View more
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Antelope Audio Edge Duo
Dual-membrane condenser microphone for authentic multi-pattern vintage mic emulation The Edge Duo is a large dual-diaphragm condenser modeling microphone with switchable polar patterns, that delivers... View more
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Ik Multimedia ARC System 2.5
ARC System 2.5 with MEMS microphone is the first acoustic correction system that combines a super accurate MEMS measurement microphone measurement software AND a correction plug-in to greatly... View more
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Audio Technica ATND971a
Audio-Technica has bridged the gap between audio and IT with the first wired microphones that transmit audio and control data together over the Dante network protocol. A simple Ethernet connection... View more
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Antelope Audio Edge Strip
Dual ultra-linear microphone preamp & Edge modeling mic The Edge Strip - an all-in-one solution for high-quality studio recordings with vintage analog sound. This compact package delivers the same... View more
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Antelope Audio Edge Go
Studio-grade large-diaphragm condenser USB microphone with classic microphones emulations and FPGA processing It gives to musicians, content creators and producers unprecedented access to Antelope's... View more
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