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The API A2D contains a pair of API 312 Mic Preamp with A/D, multiple sample-rates and internal/external clock options. The A2D contains a pair of API 312 Mic Preamplifiers that feed an A/D section with a set of standard digital interface outputs, multiple sample-rate choices and internal or external clock options. Precise control of both the Analog gain and the level feeding the digital section... View more
Apogee AD-16X
The Apogee AD-16X combines Apogee's legendary conversion quality up to 192k sample rates. High-definition digital to provide unrivaled flexibility and quality. C777 Clocking used by Big Ben. The AD-16X uses Apogee's C777 clocking technology. Famous for keeping Big Ben on time, the C777 utilizes an entirely digital process that Apogee has developed with the most advanced Direct Digital... View more
With HD Card
RME's ADI-4 DD is a highly cost-efficient AES to ADAT and ADAT to AES converter. It supports for up to 96 kHz and has a built-in jitter suppression. The actual states of incoming and outgoing signals and ongoing operations within the unit are displayed by LEDs in an easily overseeable way. SyncCheck, already found in other RME products, not only shows if an input signal is locked, but also if... View more
The ADI-2 is a both compact and extremely flexible 2-Channel Hi-End AD/DA-converter. The small 9.5" unit offers top notch AD/DA-conversion from/to SPDIF, AES and ADAT, up to 192kHz Its ability to use SPDIF, AES and ADAT format provides outstanding compatibility. Whatever it is - simply get connected!. Key features of this extraordinary flexible converter are balanced inputs and outputs,... View more
Focusrite iTrack Solo
The simplest way to record instruments and vocals on your iPad, with exceptional Focusrite sound. Record guitar and vocals on your iPad. iTrack Solo provides the best solution for recording your instruments and vocals using an iPad. Featuring a Focusrite microphone pre-amplifier and an input to record directly from electric and bass guitars, iTrack Solo is the perfect way to expand the audio... View more
Avid Digidesign 192 I/O
To complement the expanded power and quality of their new Pro Tools|HD system, Digidesign introduces the high-definition 192 I/O interface. The 24-bit 192 I/O breaks new ground in sound quality and performance, capable of supporting sampling rates of up to 192 kHz. It might be the best sounding interface ever offered by Digidesign.. The 192 I/O provides you with plenty of connection options to... View more
Universal Audio Apollo 16B Quad
The Apollo 16 is Universal Audio's flagship 24-bit/192 kHz audio interface, delivering world-class conversion with 16 x 16 analog I/O - twice the analog I/O of the original Apollo. World-Class 24-bit/192 kHz Conversion. Apollo 16 brings a true "no compromise" approach to every aspect of its audio signal path. Building upon decades of UA hardware expertise, it features meticulous analog... View more
The Motu 112D is a flexible digital audio interface, router, format converter and stand-alone mixer with connectivity to your computer through ultra-fast thunderbolt technology. The seventh in MOTU's new series of high-end audio interfaces, the 112D serves as the flagship digital interface of the new line, offering 24 channels of AES/EBU, 24 channels of ADAT optical and 64 channels of MADI... View more
Prism Sound Dream DA-2
The Dream DA-2 is the definitive music D/A converter, providing the most accurate rendition of an audio event whether it be early music, classical, jazz, big band, a club mix, etc. The DA-2 conversion system provides an audio stream of such exceptional quality that will be relied upon for years to come as the definitive source for productions on CD, DVD, Super Audio CD or other formats as they... View more
Sound Devices XL-TA35
552-specific link cable. Links Sound Devices 302 and 442 to the 552 to add inputs. TA5 to TA3.
K-Tek KSTGS - Small Bag
The K-Tek KSTGS is an evolutionary improvement on the original KSRA1 Stingray bag thanks to real-world feedback from professionals in the field. Meant for large productions using small audio mixer recorders, it is designed to work with the Sound Devices 633, Zaxcom Maxx and many similar sized mixer recorders (please see compatibility chart).. The Stingray Small features all the same features as... View more
Sound Devices 664
The 664 Field Production Mixer is the flagship in Sound Devices' portable audio mixers. It has 12 analog inputs, four output buses, and records 16 tracks to both CF and SD cards. The 664 Field Production Mixer is the flagship in Sound Devices' line of portable audio mixers. It has 12 analog inputs, four output buses, and records these 16 tracks to both CF and SD cards. This unprecedented... View more
Sound Devices 702T
The 702T: Portable, Two-Track Audio Recorder with Time Code. With high-quality preamps, onboard time code generator this device is the best element of your sound capture toolbox. The 702T two-track digital audio recorder is designed for portable production applications. This compact device is known for its pleasant-sounding, low-noise microphone preamplifiers, the accuracy of its onboard Ambient... View more
The 8M is one of several new high-performance audio interfaces from MOTU that combine superb audio quality, large console style mixing, and state-of-the-art features. The eight mic/guitar inputs are equipped with pristine, transparent preamps and offer individually adjustable 48V phantom power and -20 dB pad. Preamp gain can be adjusted directly on the front panel, or from the web app control... View more
Antelope Audio Zen Tour
Zen Tour is a king among portable tabletop interfaces with its astounding number of analog and digital I/O, and integrated hardware-based FPGA effects. Fits the whole band. Portable - covering the needs of the whole band. Current technologies have made sound recording as easy as grabbing a pen and pouring your feelings on paper. So producing your own music has become the contemporary equivalent... View more
Sound Devices CL-12 Alaia
The CL-12 linear fader controller significantly expands the mixing capability of the 6-Series mixer/recorder line. Version Alaia is built with Penny & Giles faders and wood sides. The optional CL-12 linear fader controller significantly expands the mixing capability of the 6-Series mixer/recorder line. The CL-12 attaches directly to any 6-Series mixer via a single USB cable that provides both... View more
Presonus Studio 192
The PreSonus® Studio 192 USB 3.0 audio interface delivers exceptional sonic fidelity, flexible connectivity, and professional monitoring and mixing controls in a single rack space. Whether you're a producer, an audio engineer, an independent band, a sound designer, or all of the above, your Studio 192 was built for you to create.. Your studio command center.. The Studio 192 is designed to be... View more
Ferrofish A16 MKII
The Ferrofish A16 MkII is a quality, feature rich 2 x 16 channel AD/DA converter that is designed to offer any professional robust and uncompromised performance in the studio. Analog: 16 balanced TRS I/O - 24 bit / 192 kHz convertersMADI: optical MADI I/O (incl. MIDI over MADI)ADAT: 2 x ADAT I/O (16 chBNC WordclockTwo TFT displays with high-res level metering on all inputs and outputsInput-gain... View more
Lavry Engineering (4496-21) 2ch. A/D & 2ch. Mic Pre & 2ch. D/A
The Lavry 4496-21 is the 2-Channel ADC, 2-Channel DAC, 2-Channel MicPre, configuration of the LavryBlue System. The LavryBlue System is a modular design which allows the end user to populate the 1U 19" chassis with stereo modules that provide a variety of functions. Each unit may hold up to 4 channels of microphone preamplification, up to 8 channels of analog to digital conversion (ADC) or 8... View more
Sound Devices SD-CHARGE
Charger for Sony compatible L Series batteries. Charges one battery. Includes wall and car charger, Euro adapter. Input voltage 110v-240v.
ALVA Nanoface
The Alva Nanoface is a stylish, compact and great-sounding interface that features pristine preamps, smart metering and a versatile feature set. Most interfaces provide a big software package with useful features, but have a steep learning curve and consume the most important thing a musician doesn't have. Time.. But creativity needs boundaries. In an unlimited space there is no need to be... View more
Two audio interfaces with 24 analog channels in one rack space, superb audio quality, AVB audio networking, and large console style mixing with 48 channels and 12 stereo busses. The 24Ai and 24Ao are two new members of MOTU's high-end audio interface lineup that includes the 1248, 8M and 16A. You can mix and match their complementary I/O configurations and unify operation with their shared... View more
MOTU Micro Lite
The MOTU Micro Lite is a 5x5 MIDI interface for Mac OS X and Windows with all the MIDI I/O you need at a great price. Built from the same technology found in MOTU's flagship MIDI Timepiece, the micro lite is a professional MIDI interface that provides portable, plug-and-play connectivity to any USB-equipped Mac or Windows computer.. The micro lite provides 5 MIDI IN, 5 MIDI OUT, 80 MIDI... View more
K-Tek KWP1 - Pouch (Set of 2)
The KWP wireless pouches are universal receiver pouches for professional audio wireless systems. The comprise of a neoprene wrap that is secured with velcro to snugly hold the receiver. Velcro on the inside bottom of the pouch keeps the receiver from falling out the bottom while at the same time not getting in the way of audio and power cables coming out the bottom of the receiver. A rugged clip... View more
The BlackBoc BBR64-MADI Recorder is designed to record and replay up to 64 channels of MADI data and yet still only occupies one unit of rack space! he recorder can capture the full 64 channels at standard sample rates directly to Broadcast WAV files on an external USB2 drive. Double sample rate MADI recording (up to 96kHz) is also accommodated.. The recorder sports both coaxial and optical MADI... View more
Black Lion Audio Micro Clock MKIII XB
The Micro Clock MKIII XB is a very accurate word clock with only 0.6pS RMS of jitter at the BNC outputs. It has less than one third of the jitter of the standard Micro Clock MKIII! It boasts incredibly accurate crystal oscillators and superior quality galvanic isolation, both of which contribute to the extraordinarily low jitter measurement.. Its small form factor has the ability to drive up to... View more
MOTU UltraLite-mk4
UltraLite-mk4 is a USB audio interface with 40 simultaneous I/O channels (18 in, 22 out). It also delivers exceptional sound quality, new ultra-low latency drivers and expanded DSP
RME presents the world's most versatile PCI Express audio interface - the HDSPe AIO. This card makes the dream of an All-In-One solution for every possible application come true. The Advanced-Input-Output interface shines with the latest 192 kHz AD- and DA-converters, with more than 112 dB signal to noise ratio. For the first time, all inputs and outputs are simultaneously operational, even SPDIF... View more
K-Tek KSWB1 - Waist Belt
Redefining comfort and ease of operation, the Stingray Waistbelt KSWB1 is designed specifically for smaller gear packages or similar sized mixer / recorders. Centered around the Sound Devices 633, the Zaxcom Maxx.. The KSWB1 is the perfect companion for the Stingray Junior or the Stingray Small Audio Bags.. The waist belt has an inner belt which keeps the belt secure with or with out the mixer... View more
Roland Super UA
The Super UA combines audiophile sound, premium build quality and low latency performance in a next-generation audio interface for Mac and PC. With native support for both 1-bit DSD and 32-bit PCM playback, the Super UA is the state-of-the-art in fidelity. Low-latency drivers deliver smooth and efficient performance with your favorite DAW. And its modular design, sculpted controls, and all-metal... View more
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