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Josephson Engineering C700S
The Josephson C700 microphones include omni/pressure and figure-8/gradient capsules, each with a discrete output The signals can be recorded on separate tracks, so the pattern can be selected in... View more
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SE Space
The RF SPACE (Specialized Portable Acoustic Control Environment) marks another step forward for the professional tracking engineer. With a larger surface area, enhancement of sE's patented... View more
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Neumann U 87 Ai MT Studio Set
Neumann U 87 Ai Z Set (Studio Set). Three directional characteristics and switchable pre-attenuation ensure suitability for a wide range of applications. The U 87 is probably the best known and most... View more
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An adapter that connects the d:fine™ line of headset microphones, the d:screet™ series of miniature microphones as well as the d:vote™ range of instrument microphones. Adapter for Sennheiser SK,... View more


Shure MV88+VideoKit
The kit includes a Manfrotto PIXI tripod, phone clamp and mount, as well as iOS and USB-C cables for next-level compatibility and connectivity. Just add your phone The Shure Motiv MV88 records video... View more
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Neumann TLM 170 R
The first Neumann mic with transformerless technology, featuring 5 polar patterns, selectable at the mic or remotely, in addition to pre-attenuation and low-cut filter switches. The Neumann TLM 170 R... View more
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Gefell M930 XY Stereo & SH93S
A stereo pair of matched M930 large cardioid condenser microphones with the SH93 X/Y set. Large diaphragm, transformerless studio microphone. The M930 is a compact, large diaphragm microphone that... View more
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More natural and open than any ribbon you've ever heard. The AEA N8 microphone excels in capturing drum overheads and rooms, strings, classical ensembles, and orchestras. Following the successful N22... View more
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DPA 4099-DC-1-101-P Core Piano Stereo Kit
The DPA d:vote CORE 4099P Stereo Microphone System for Piano This mic solution makes it easy to achieve a high level of isolation on stage. It also provides clean and transparent stereo sound quality... View more
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Neumann KMR 81i MT
Short version of the classic shotgun mic, with switchable filter and pre-attenuation functions. Excellent off-axis (lateral and rear) attenuation. Free of coloration. The Neumann KMR 81 is a shotgun... View more
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Sanken COS-11D PigTail (Normal sensitivity, no accessories, 1.8 m, Black)
Sanken COS-11D-PT is an Omni-Directional Miniature Electret Lavalier Microphone with tinned ends for termination. Normal sensitivity, 1.8 meter, No accessories. The COS-11D overcomes RFI (radio... View more
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Oktava MK-012 Stereo - Pair
The MK-012 is a compact, high quality capacitor microphone with interchangeable capsules to provide a choice of cardioid, hypercardioid or omni polar patterns. Matched Pair. The wide, flat response... View more
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Shure SM7B Podcast Bundle
The kit consists of a Shure SM7B microphone, a Triton Audio Fethead Mono Mic-Preamps, a cable Digiflex NXX-10 and a K&M 232 stand The SM7B dynamic microphone has a smooth, flat, wide-range frequency... View more
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Gefell UMT70S
The UMT 70 S is equipped with our proven large diameter membrane capsule. It features outstanding performance, a high sensitivity, and an improved signal-to-noise ratio. The UMT 70 S guarantees a... View more
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Sennheiser MKH 60
Lightweight short gun microphone. Versatile and easy to handle. Excellent for film and reporting applications. Superb lateral sound muting. High degree of directivity. The MKH 60 is a lightweight... View more
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Schoeps M222AC
The M22AC is a tube amplifier body with power supply unit. It is designed for the Schoeps Colette capsule series. M 222 with Powering Unit NT 222 DC (ordering information 'M 222 DC') for portable use... View more
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Adapter for powering Miniature Microphones via standard P48 phantom power. Designed for use with miniature microphones from DPA. Belt clip is included. This adapter is active-signal balanced, which... View more


The D112 MkII professional dynamic bass drum microphone features a new integrated flexible mount, while retaining all the sonic strengths. Over the years the D112 has earned a well-deserved... View more
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Sanken COS-11D Lemo 3 (Normal sensitivity, with accessories, Black)
COS-11D-LMO is an Omni-Directional Miniature Electret Lavalier Microphone terminated with a Lemo connector. Normal sensitivity, 1.8 meter, with accessories. The COS-11D overcomes RFI (radio frequency... View more
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DPA 4088-DC-A-F34-LH
The classic d:fine™ 4088 Directional Headset Microphone is the industry standard in professional headset mics. Beige, Mini-Jack connector included. DPA 4088 is a miniature cardioid headset mic built... View more
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Josephson Engineering C715
Josephson's Series Seven microphones provide unprecedented flexibility in studio pickups with a variety of directional patterns. The Josephson C715 uses a unique single large diaphragm capsule with... View more
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Lauten Audio Black LA-320
The Series Black LA-320 large diaphragm vacuum tube condenser microphone is a professional and versatile microphone for studio and vocal recording. This microphone features a 1 gold sputtered... View more
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Neumann KMS 105
The Neumann KMS 105 is a handheld condensor microphone with Super-cardioid pattern. Is a reference on the stages of the world. For demanding singers, the microphone for a lifetime! The KMS 104 and... View more
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Lauten Audio Eden LT-386
The Eden LT-386 by Lauten Audio is a Multi-voicing™ vacuum tube large diaphragm condenser microphone. The LT-386 is for discerning recordists in search of the most diverse and useful studio vacuum... View more
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The d:screet 4061 Mini Omni Microphone, High SPL can handle up to 144 dB peak before clipping, ideal for use on very loud sound sources. Each version is tailored towards a specific application based... View more
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Earthworks PM40
The PianoMic™ System was designed to revolutionize piano miking and achieve an incredible improvement in piano sound for live and recording applications. There is more gain before feedback,... View more
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Neumann U87 Ai Z Set with Latch Lake 2200, Mogami Gold Studio 25' and Stedman Popscreen XL
Neumann U87 Ai Z Set with Lach Lake Micking 2200 in black, Mogami Gold Studio 25' XLR and Stedman Popscreen XL. The Neumann U 87 Ai is probably the best-known and most frequently used studio... View more
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DPA 4017C
At just 154 mm (6.1 in) and 70 g (2.5 oz), the 4017C sets new standards for compactness within shotgun microphones and their applications The 4017C is fully immune to RF emission and the 19 mm (0.75... View more
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Beaux Sons Productions JERO microphone
The JERO microphone enables high-quality immersive 360º sound field recording. The JERO microphone is an immersive microphone. It enables the recording of multichannel audio in 360º on a horizontal... View more
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Telefunken M81
TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik has created the M81 to give the user a superior alternative to the midrange-laden character of the M80. The M81 is the latest installment in TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik's... View more


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